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Liam working out  (◡△◡✿)

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Bonus Lydia approving and mentally planning a threesome:

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A little bit late but happy birthday to Geddy Lee! Seriously an awesome bassist, keep rockin’

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Derek and Malia in Orphaned

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My dream is for Malia and Derek to have more of a brother/sister relationship bc they’re the only sane family they have left and derek teaching her about things only another were-animal could. The Hale cousins are what I live for (◡‿◡✿)

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Me every time someone tries to change my opinion on my OTP

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  • me: *cries over tv show*
  • me: *loses sleep over tv show*
  • me: *requires emotional help because of tv show*
  • me: but it's so good
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dreamlikethedreamer said: I got the same vibe from Sophia. Also the way she was opening up to Callie about her school surprised her mom which means she probably doesn't talk to her parents if she is suffering. I thought maybe I was the only one catching the weird glimpses of who sophia really is! I'm excited to see how try develop her story though!


yes! I’m so glad other people noticed it. The way she talked about school also made it seem like she has no friends to talk to either. I think it would be a great topic to discuss on the show especially since these issues are occurring in kids younger and younger these days but I agree it would be a great way to develop her character without it being all about her getting to know callie

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