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-Do you have any input into Nolan’s style?
Quite a bit. It’s absolutely a collaboration with our costume designer — she and I have a shorthand in the way that we speak and understand each other. So she will pull options and they give me the opportunity to style if myself. They hang everything up and usually wait and see what I’m going to walk out of the trailer looking like. When I get to set, if people start laughing and pointing, I know I’ve done a good job.
-Gabriel Mann (x)

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If you love me, with all of your heart. 
If you love me, I’ll make you a star in my universe. 
you’ll never have to go to work. 
you’ll spend everyday, shining your light my way.

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am I the only one who feels like the writers missed a very big opportunity in Jesus wrestling story line about him not eating and skipping meals to lose weight?! Like that whole thing sorta just got swept under the rug.The media always showcases girls with eating disorders but boys deal with it to and it would have been nice if that issue had been addressed and discussed that its not something only girls go through. They could have gone very far with that story line. 

I`m also pretty disappointed about that being swept under the rug. It would’ve been a great and unique storyline. TPTB really dropped the ball by not going more into it.

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lounges in bed D3 Ep2006 - who’s that waiting at the door?
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godblesssteverogers asked willow/tara or willow/oz

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